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Exploring Local Business and Industry Data -- ALA Webinar

Finding statistics and data can sometimes be challenging. In this new 60-minute webinar, you will learn a structured approach to answering local business and industry data questions and be provided with an extensive list of data programs that you can refer to while assisting patrons.

Business librarian Grace Liu has aggregated more than 200 data programs related to local business and industries and she share her experience, so you will be better prepared when questions relating to local businesses get asked. You’ll learn

  • who creates local data;
  • what data is available at a more granular level than the state level;
  • the hidden treasures that are often neglected by data researchers;
  • strategies for finding local business statistics and data; and
  • new data sources that can help with business reference and instructions.

This webinar offers a fresh perspective and a holistic view on business and industry data below the state level.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Online Webinar
Online Webinar

Event Organizer

Heather Campbell Shock

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