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Solutions for Challenging Workplace Relationships (Multi-Week Course) -- ALA Webinar

Staff relations in any workplace can break down—including in libraries. Different personality types, different workstyles, and high anxiety levels can lead to staff problems and a more stressful work environment. By learning how to recognize these issues and implement strategies to improve these relationships, you can better meet your library’s goals and maintain a welcoming, successful library environment not only for your staff but for your patrons. 

This 5-week eCourse addresses some of the thorniest problems that library staff may face such as lack of civility, bullying, mobbing, dysfunctional culture, emotional intelligence shortcomings, and challenges associated with conflict management. Using The Dysfunctional Library: Challenges and Solutions to Workplace Relationships as the core text, Dr. Richard Moniz and Jo Henry—your course facilitators and the authors of this book—engage you in discussion centered on overcoming a dysfunctional culture to create a welcoming environment and provide you with practical solutions to manage conflict and reduce staff stress. While librarians involved in management would benefit most from the course, any library staff member could learn and share useful information on how to deal with challenging workplace scenarios. 


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Monday, September 10, 2018
All Day Event
Online Webinar
Online Webinar

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Heather Campbell Shock

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